Direct Marketing List – The Solution For Leads For a Home Based Business

Getting leads is the only way anyone is going to make money from their marketing campaign. A lead will lead to a sale and a sale will lead to profits. This is the natural progression of the marketing world and has been the backbone of many sales people in the world today. Of course, getting a lead is not easy and making a sale is even harder. There are many ways to improve your odds and increase your chances of making a sale; one of them is getting a highly targeted direct marketing list.

This has been touted as the one solution for leads for home based business and the creation of profits. Why? Well, this article will tell you about the benefits of a highly targeted direct marketing list, and how it can lead to maximum profit. The difference between a random business list and a targeted business list is pretty far reaching. A random business list is one that relies strictly on numbers, and they often run into pretty amazing figures of possibly even hundreds of thousands of names and contact details. They work on the principle of quantity, where the more contacts there are, the greater the possibility of a lead being created and thus a sale.

But of course, this has some major drawbacks. Because of the sheer number of contacts, there is no “one” way of designing a cookie-cutter type of sales pitch that can appeal to a every type of prospect. This means that the strategy when approaching this sort of mass audience is one that is often a hit and miss; pointless like spearing fish blindfolded. Your resources will also be stretched quite thinly over a huge number of contacts and this means that most of your time will be tied up with administrative issues and replying of faxes and phone calls within your company rather than sales. That is not what marketing is about. Marketing is about leads, calling and making the pitch and closing the sale. The mistake that a lot of marketers make is that they approach their marketing strategy with the numbers strategy.

In this day and age, you need to be focused and your prospects highly targeted. Look at your product and service and think about the type of person that might be interested in purchasing it. Now place them within a range of people and soon you have a demographic. Within that demographic, you can come up with variables like purchasing power, in order to determine the likelihood of a sales conversion. In fact, if done right, the list of market possibilities and variables is endless. Your job is to classify the greater market share into a common group of prospects that you can easily penetrate with your marketing literature.

This is a battle half won already when you know that the market you are approaching has the potential to buy your product. This is the importance of having a direct marketing list that has been tailor made with your product in mind. And this, will be the difference between success and failure of your direct marketing campaign.